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Boozy Desserts

This month we are going to prepare "Boozy Desserts" just in time for that spectacular Party! These recipes are in an issue of Wine Tidings Magazine, and the article is originally written by Helen Hatton and Ron Morris. We are reprinting with permission, of course, and if you'd like to reach Wine Tidings Mag you can e-mail them at

      Comments courtesy of Helen Hatton and Ron Morris

      Hazelnut Coffee Dacquoise with Fresh Mango
      Ooh and you thought you couldn't ever do desserts  like this one. It takes planning, but is really quite easy, and be warned - from now on  you'll be asked to bring the dessert!

      Italian Cheesecake with Marsala-soaked  Cherries
      This is a wonderful creation by Toronto's Far Niente  restaurant's talented Executive Chef Alan Voves.

      Pears Poached in Red Wine
      This is our favorite dessert. Serve it year round; it's  a lovely finish to any meal, and so very easy to prepare.

      Bea's Date Bars
      A delightful friend makes the world's best date bars!  Her secret? A generous splash of Grand Marnier. Serve with fancy dressed rum raisin or  prune and armagnac ice cream at the end of a formal dinner! Begin a day or two in advance.

      Bananas Foster
      Retro is in and this fabulous, sinfully rich old  favorite can be yours with just a few ingredients that you probably have on hand. Go  on...indulge, besides those bananas won't last the weekend! Serve with a scoop of very  good vanilla ice cream. 

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