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Garlic - (allium sativum)

garlic bundleDue to the abundance of fresh garlic in stores, it is not usually necessary to grow your own. Should you want to, though, garlic takes a lot of patience, as it is a bulb that must be planted in the Fall, like an annual. Another way to grow garlic is to take an older clove that is sprouting a green "stem" and just plant it in your window box with your other herbs. You won't get garlic cloves growing, but that green "stem" will grow nicely and can be used in seasoning as it has a mild chive-like taste.


Garlic as an aphrodisiac: ahh well... what can I say? Garlic has many magical properties - aphrodisiac, perhaps - only because if you and your lover eat a lot of it you'll be spending a lot of time alone together.. Eaten raw, garlic has a lingering effect. Some people are lucky enough just to have garlic breath - with others, the aroma of garlic can be smelled days later as it is secreted through their pores. Parsley, eaten raw, can counteract the effect of garlic breath. Breath mints just give you minty garlic breath.

Garlic in Cooking: The garlic clove is loaded with oils which produce the pungent aroma. The finer you chop or mince a clove, the sharper the taste. After you have smashed your clove with the side of a large knife, sprinkle a little salt on it and wait for a moment or two before chopping. The salt will release then absorb some of the juices, making the garlic easier to handle while chopping.

Here are a few recipes which will show you the "milder" side to garlic:

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