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Blood-y Good Punch

Assorted Sliced Body Parts on Coffin Splinters

Deadly Nightshade & Poison Plant Salad

Garlic Vampire Droppings

Eyeball Stew with Blood Sauce

White Worm Guts

Coffin Cake

Blood-y Good Punch:

Prepare Sangria for the adults and a bright red fruit punch for  the kids.

Assorted  Sliced Body parts on Coffin Splinters

Antipasto anyone? Arrange assorted sliced deli meats and crackers on a platter  around a ghoulishly decorated pumpkin

Deadly Nightshade  & Poison Plant Salad

Buy a pre-packaged mix of iceberg, romaine, red cabbage etc. Dress with a  blood-red dressing (red wine vinegar mixes do nicely)

Garlic Vampire Droppings

Buy a bunch of small oval shaped rolls, prepare the same way as you would  regular garlic bread

Eyeball Stew with Blood Sauce

Otherwise known as Meatballs with Marinara Sauce

White Worm Guts

Cooked spaghetti tossed with a little butter or margarine, a perfect receiver  for your "Eyeballs"

Coffin Cake

Bake 2 cake mixes in the following pans: 9-1/2 x 11 and 9-1/2 x 9-1/2. Cut and  arrange together as you see in the diagram . Ice with a dark  chocolate frosting, and decorate.

Coffin Cake  ]


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