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This is a recipe for a genuine three-alarm chili. A real working mans meal that will stick to your ribs, fuel ya all day and remind ya again in the morning. It was never meant for the faint hearted, the young or those who prefer tofu and eggplant. It perfect for a bachelor, plenty to eat, easy and fast to throw together. So, belly up to the table and enjoy!

    1.) Brown 1 pound of lean Black Angus ground beef in a large iron skillet. 2.) Dice up two large yellow onions and combine with the beef.
    3.) Add one cup of your favorite beer to skillet.
    4.) Slow cook for 15 minute and stir routinely.
    5.) Combine skillet fixings into crock-pot and stir.
    6.) In a 6-qt crock-pot add three large cans of red kidney beans.
    7.) Add three cans of boiled & peeled white potatoes.
    8.) Add one large can of Hunts tomato sauce
    9.) Add two cans of cooked pearl onions.
    10.) Add entire packet of preferred chili seasonings (Carroll Shelby's).
    11.) Add two cups of diced, pickled jalapeno peppers.
    12.) Add 2-6 habanero peppers finely diced……….do not get juice on private parts, hands or in eyes!
    13.) Simmer for 4 hours on medium heat.

**Enjoy with saltines in a big bowl, a cold beer of your choice and maybe an antacid, or two.


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