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Recipe (& comments) from Paul Crosby

Well, I've seen all those Chili recipes - everyone seems to think his (or hers) is the best one. I'll let y'all judge once you try mine. First of all, folk just make such a big deal out of it; I never did figure out how something as simple as breathing could become so elaborate and such a thing. No, I've never been to Texas, met a few from there; they all kinda made me shudder. No I'm not a "Yankee" - I was indeed born south of the Mason-Dixon line. Dunno why everyone seems to think chili can't be made by anyone else - though that stuff in Cincinnati is some kind of crime against humanity. Yes, you have to use real chiles and decent chili powder and it won't hurt if you use some you grew yourself either, personal preference. Now ya got yer 3 alarm and 5 alarm and all that mess that is about only good for cleaning pipes (including your internal ones) or stripping paint. I want something I can eat and won't scare the dogs or guests as the case may be. Beans and Rice - the Eternal Controversy Well, here we go again. Some claim beans and rice are a separate meal; can't argue that. I serve chili with both as well as grated cheese and saltines. I don't cook them all together and I get the saltines out of a box. I figure anyone eating it can mix it up to their own desired taste. But for sure I only use pinto beans or black beans, and sometimes I'm energetic enough not to get them out of a can. I even provide hot sauce if some one wants to fry their stomach or run the Rolaids stock up a lil bit.

Well here it is - give it a shot and see what you think.


      2 lbs. shoulder chuck steak
      1 large can tomato puree
      1 very large onion (you should be blessed with Vidalia onions)
      1 head garlic
      few handfuls of decent chili powder (you taste this as ya go - this  ain't  rocket science)
      ground cumin powder (see above)
      3 dried poblano peppers
      black pepper
      Hungarian paprika (like Kalocsa)
      2 tsp. Dutch cocoa powder
      Some cans of cheap beer (see above again)
      1 can beef stock


    Trim fat from the chuck steak and render it in a skillet (that's a frying pan  for some folks.) In a large pot bring beef stock to simmer, add rendered pieces from the  last step. Let it simmer a while and have a nap. Remove the rendered pieces from the  stock. Chop the steak into small pieces, about ½ inch in size. Brown them in batches in  the rendered fat with a little more oil if needed. As they brown sprinkle with chili  powder, salt, pepper, cumin and the cocoa.  When done add to the stock. Chop onion  coarsely and cook in the same skillet until clear. Crush and chop the garlic and add to  the onions just as they are about done. Add to pot with broth and meat. Add ½ the can of  tomato puree, 1 can of beer and the 3 poblano peppers. Simmer for about ½ hour, covered  with lid ajar. Stir occasionally, taste for seasoning - add more chili powder and/or cumin  as needed. Add remaining tomato puree. Stir and add more beer if too thick. Simmer for  another ½ hour or just let it sit on low heat if you feel a nap coming on. Check one last  time - adjust for salt to taste. Serve with rice, beans and cheese on the side. How about  a nice flinty Chardonnay and some breadsticks? You  gotta be joshing me! Try maybe  some sweet tea or beer and some fresh cornbread maybe.

    Ya'll try it - tell me what ya think.

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