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Recipe from: Frank Gregory

I have been to hell and back and brought this recipe with me....Mud from the base of the Gates of Hell... Don't use premade chili powder. Read the ingredients list from your package and create your own with fresh ingredients (cumin,oregano,cayenne,paprika and garlic are the basics)


      1/2 cup good olive oil
      2lbs london broil or other good but not great steak cut into 3/4" cubes
      1/4lb suet (don't gag) also cut into 3/4 inch cubes
      1 huge red onion peeled and roughly chopped
      1 bunch green onions (scallions) cut into 3/4 inch pieces green tops included
      whole head of garlic ( about twelve cloves) peeled and roughly chopped
      3 tbl cumin
      3 tbl paprika
      1 tbl cayenne powder ( more or less)
      2 tbl oregano
      1 tbl marjoram
      1 tsp. salt
      1 tsp. crushed black pepper
      4 dried chipotle chilis ( this is a smoked, dried jalapeno most supermarkets should carry  in the specialty or produce section)
      2 cups dry red wine
      1/2 cup whiskey
      28 oz can crushed peeled tomatoes ( tomatoes only, no seasonings and definitely not  "stewed" tomatoes)
      1/2 - 1 lb. dried black or pinto beans soaked overnight in water


    Carefully remove stem and seeds from chipotles. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR EYES after doing  this!!!!! Most of the heat is in the seeds and near the stem end so you can control the  heat of your chili by including or excluding these. Chop as small as possible. Don't panic  if the air around you feels alive. Wear a surgical mask if your nose burns. Place in a  small bowl with 1/2 cup whiskey for twenty minutes or until soft. In a cast iron pot  sauté onions, scallions, and 1/2 of the garlic in the olive oil when translucent remove  1/2 and continue cooking the rest until golden brown. remove remainder and reserve  together. Sauté the suet and steak together in small batches until all are  browned.  Add onions and all seasonings including reconstituted chipotles. Continue to cook over low  heat for ten or fifteen minutes. Add tomatoes, beans, remaining garlic, and wine and cook    approx. 1 hour. Watch out, there is a small window of time when the meat is  perfectly tender and moist and when it becomes dry and fibrous. I usually add a small  amount of wine to the chili just before serving to brace it up a bit. When I serve this to  guests I make a fairly mild version and serve a batch of reconstituted chipotles with  chopped up garlic as a condiment so my guests can control their own heat. Also chunks of  extra sharp cheddar and really good crusty bread are essential. ENJOY!


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