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    Recipe by: Harry K.


      1-1/2 lbs. lean ground beef
      14 oz. can red kidney beans
      28 oz. can plum tomatoes
      1 medium tomato
      13 oz. can tomato paste
      2 tablespoons chili powder
      2 tablespoons oregano powder
      2 tablespoons onion salt
      2 tablespoons garlic powder
      1/2 head (don't panic!) fresh garlic
      1-1/2 cups water!


    2" deep Teflon-coated fry pan (the deeper, the less  hassle!)
    Wire-mesh strainer
    Slow cooker
    Garlic press (optional)


    Melt 2 tablespoons butter or margarine in fry pan on stove  element turned on to just below high (setting 8-1/2 to 9 on a dial going to 10 - High).  Dump in the ground beef, breaking it up evenly with the side of a fork, and turning it  over from time to time while adding (sprinkling on) the onion salt, garlic powder, chili  powder and oregano powder. Add about 1/2 cup water at this time to keep mixture moist.  When mixture is slowly boiling, chop up the plum tomatoes and add to the mixture along  with the juice in the can. Stir well. Empty contents of can of red kidney beans first into  a wire-mesh strainer (collander?) and rinse off the accompanying syrup under running  water. (This largely eliminates the phenomenon of flatulation!) Now, stir the kidney beans  into mixture on stove. At this time, plug in your slow cooker and turn setting to High or  350 degrees. Empty contents in fry pan into slow cooker.

    Into the slow cooker, now add the 1/2 head of fresh garlic,  ensuring pieces are finely chopped - you may wish to crush the pieces first in a hand-held  garlic press. Stir mixture well. Add the tomato paste and remaining 1 cup water! Stir  mixture well again. Finally, finely chop the tomato and add to the mixture. Stir well and  place cover on slow cooker. Cook at 350 degrees for about an hour, then reduce heat to  low, or simmer. You're done!! The entire preparation process is less arduous than it seems  - and I think you'll agree the final product is worth the trouble in any case!

    May be served anytime after an hour. This chili will keep  in the slow cooker an entire day on the simmer or low setting - and it seems to taste  better the longer it simmers!! Tastes great with lightly buttered toast!!

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