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Background Notes:

This "kinder, gentler" edition of chili is ready to eat in no time (30 minutes minimum) - and is especially designed for those young->middle-teens, whose palattes are not yet matured to appreciate the more "gourmet" variants of this incredible food-style!!   You know the type - the ones that look at mom's elaborate, home-cooked meal and often comment: "Awww - not this slop again!!"   Well, this is your lucky day!! -  here's the "fix" to this problem!!!

To optimize the SPEED at which you can make this version, I've chosen the latest new "gourmet-class" tomato sauces - food preparation is at a rock-bottom minimum!!  I've used ingredients which are designed not to adversely set off those very fussy, tender, teenaged taste-buds, or wimpy and sensitive palettes of other age groups!!   There are no kidney beans here to avoid risking flatulation effects - but you can add a small can if you insist - it won't change its overall "bouquet"!

Follow the instructions to make days of eating and snacking at a very low cost - and yummy beyond any expectations!!   Ready????   Follow this menu EXACTLY the first time through it, and I guarantee it'll be the "default" meal at your home for years to come!!  :)

Required  Hardware:   3.8 L  slow cooker  (or crock pot)


      1 to 1-1/2 lbs. lean-ground beef
      1  28 fl. oz. (796 ml) can of  Tomato Sauce
      1  28 fl. oz. (796 ml) can of  Diced Tomatoes
      1  10 fl. oz. (284 ml) can of mushroom pieces and stems
      2  14 fl. oz. (398 ml) cans of beans with pork and tomato sauce
      2 - 3 oz. chili powder
      2 - 3 oz. garlic powder   (buy both these in bulk to save $$$$)


Open ALL cans and set aside.   Brown ground beef in deep fry-pan.  Turn often to prevent burning. That's it for the "hard work"part!!  Simple, isn't it?? Now, sprinkle on the chili powder - stir into thebeef mix:  next, sprinkle on the garlic powder - stir that into the beef mix. Now,stir in the pieces &  stem mushrooms.   Next, stir in the first, then the second can of pork and beans. Let simmer for a few  minutes. Last easy part:  Ladle contents of fry-pan into slowcooker.   Turn on slow cooker. Stir in the diced tomatoes and the tomato sauce.Mix thoroughly.   Let simmer in crock pot for at least half an hour - then dig in!!

As in all chili preparations, the taste gets better the longer it simmers!!   I usually let the mixture simmer for a few hours, then I turn the crock pot heater element off. The chili stays hot for hours - then, after it has cooled off, lift the pot out of the heater receptacle and store the whole thing in your fridge. Use the family ladle to scoop a few into a bowl and nuke for 2 minutes - then eat with buttered toast!!   Heaven on earth - it is!!!   And the ingredients cost a lot less than 10 dollars up here in Sudbury!!

Let me know how you find it - by emailing me at:

Sudbury,  ON,  CAN.

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