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Gallup NM Green Chili


One plus one quarter pounds of Pinto beans, wash and pick out unsightly beans and floaters.
About one and a quarter pounds of salt pork, rinse off excess salt and cut into approx half inch squares.
Place beans and salt pork into a pressure cooker and fill with water to within 2 inches of top of pot. Alternately, you could use a big
non-pressure pot and either soak beans overnight or plan on cooking beans for longer period. If using pressure cooker, cook on slow pressure for about 45 minutes. If non-pressure, cook covered until beans become slightly tender (adding water if needed to keep beans from drying out). If using pressure cooker, cool cooker after the 45 minute period, open and add water to cover beans. Place back on stove and cook at slow boil. Add chili peppers at this time. Best results are obtained using roasted and peeled New Mexico green peppers. Peppers should be seeded and cut into aprox one inch pieces. Continue slow boil until the liquid becomes a nice smooth soupy consistency and beans are nice and tender. Several hours. Stir occasionally to keep from scorching and sticking to bottom of pot. Will have to add water occasionally to keep from getting too thick. Serve and salt to taste. Should be rich and green chili pepper HOT. If it doesn't burn, it ain't right!

Footnote: A little Pork Fat Back can be used along with the Salt Pork. A little cummin can be add if you prefer (not used in Gallup). This is authentic Green Chili from Gallup, NM. DO NOT SCREW IT UP WITH TOMATOES OR ANY OTHER STUPID TEXICAN INGREIDENTS. NOR CALIFORNIA SOUR CREAM.

HISTORY: Everybody in Gallup made this chili. Tommy Thompson's Spudnut Shop would serve it with sopopillas. The Texicans would come to town bragging about their chili and try it. They would grab pitchers of water and head back to Texas with tears streaming down their cheeks.
This recipe was established when the Spanish Conquistadors came. It was used to send them back to Spain along with the Texicans.

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