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Atky's Dynamite Chili
Aztec Chili
Bad Attitude Chili
Beer Bean's 'N Sausage Chili
Best Bowl
Betty's Best
Betty's Chili
Bev's Keep It Simple But Hot!
Big Daddy's Bowl of Texas Red
Black Bean Chili
Bob's PSP Chili
Cathy's Chili
Championship Straight Red Chili
Chili Marinade
Colleen's Granny's Chili
Corpus Christi Chili
Crested Butte Chili
Daddy's Chili
Damn That's Hot Chili
Fire In The Hole!
Gallup NM Green Chili
Harold's Chili
Hank's Ornery Chili
Harry K's High Performance Chili
Harry K's Kinder Gentler Chili
Hell Mud 
Hotter Than West Texas Chili
Hugh's Heartwarmer Chili

Welcome to the Great Chili Cook Off! We figured "what's The Red Hot Chili Paper without a few chili recipes"? We're asking YOU to send us your favorite chili recipe(s), we'll put the recipes up for our readers to test and vote on, and at the end of it all someone will win a BIG PRIZE!! A designer Chef's hat emblazoned with the words "Winner of the Red Hot Chili Paper's Great Chili Cook-Off!" So start sending in those secret recipes today, you may be the big winner!

Jim's Wild Chili
Joan's Chili
Johnny's Chili
Just Chili
Katy's Chili Rellenos
Mean Jean's Bowl O' Red
Michael's Chili
Mike's Down-Home Chili
Nasty Chili
Randall's Chili
Rosco's Red
Seņor Sam's Chili
Steven's Chili
Steve's Sacrilegious Chili
Sweet Cincinnati Chili
Tail-Gate Chili
Teri's Texas Chili
Texas Chili
Tex-Mex Chili
Tomatoless Chili
Tongue Burnin' Good Chili
True Texas Red
Twin Pete's Chili

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