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BBQ Fruit
BBQ Fruit

BBQ'd fruits? Believe it or not we've got a recipe for BBQ'd fruits! We've also got recipes for great summer fruit salads to go either during or after the meal. And a great cheese dip with fruit for anytime!

2 quick summer fruit tips

  • frozen grapes! Pop seedless green grapes into the freezer - they come out like mini "grapecicles"
  • serving punch, champagne or sparking wine? Freeze orange juice in ice cube trays to use as fruity ice cubes . Your drinks don't water down - the just get more flavorful!

 BBQ and Other Summer Fruit Recipes:

Kiwi, Orange & Avocado Salad
California Cheese Dip with Fresh Fruit
Grilled Peaches
Spicy Fruit Salad
Cherry Ginger Salad
All American Fruit Salad
Fruit Kebabs
Frozen Fruit Fantasy
Brandied Green Grapes 

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