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New Years Buffets:
Greek Orthodox Easter
Father's Day
A Fall Harvest
An Easy Pizza Supper
2 Passover Seders
A Summer BBQ
A Romantic Dinner for 2
Mother's Day
A Super Salad Bar
A Thanksgiving Dinner
A Quick Italian Dinner
Father's Day


** All items can be mixed and matched ! 

BBQ Picnic #1

BBQ Picnic #2

Veal Burgers

Filet Mignon Brochettes*

Marinated Chicken Wings

Chicken Kabobs*

Caesar Salad

BBQ Potato Bundles

Potato Salad**


Cole Slaw**

Caesar Salad

Blackberry Cheesecake

Blackberry Cheesecake

*Marinate the filet mignon and the chicken cubes in any one of these marinades, thread onto skewers, grill and serve!

**Don't knock yourself out - buy it! It's ok! Really!  

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