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Ahhh Valentine's Day - when people think of romance and love!

What better a way to express your love then to bake sticky buns for that special someone for a romantic breakfast in bed.

Sticky buns use a Brioche Dough that is both light and rich at the same time. It is a dough for special occasions and for special people. In addition to the buns, the dough can be used for coffeecakes or a superb bread.

I know that this preparation can be a long one, and if you want to bake them fresh in the morning for that breakfast in bed you'll probably have to set your alarm for 5:00 am - but isn't he/she worth it?!


Brioche Dough

The buns themselves can be filled with a variety of things. You can use the suggestions here, or invent some of your own! If you come up with a great one, please send it to me and I'll include it in our next issue!

Cinnamon/raisin sticky bun filling

Chocolate sticky bun filling.

Preparation of the buns:

When your dough is prepared and risen, roll it out into a rectangle. Spread your filling all over - leaving about 1/2 inch from all sides. Roll the whole thing up "jelly-roll" style (rolling from the long side, not the short one) and slice. Place the buns into either

  • a muffin tin, to get individual buns, or
  • a springform cake pan placed loosely together (don't squash  them in or else you will have a hard time pulling them apart!

Let the buns rise until puffed up, for about 60 minutes.

Bake in a preheated 350o oven for 45 minutes.

Pour syrup over the top while still warm.

Let cool for a bit and enjoy!

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