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Ummmmm - cheesecake!
Before you say "oh no- I can't eat that!!" check out our low-fat recipes. Sure we've included some of the deliciously decadent "3 lbs. of cream cheese etc." recipes but those are for special occasions. (Is Saturday considered a special occasion? )

Strawberry  Cheesecake (LoFat)

Brownie  Swirl Cheesecake

Cherry  Yogurt Cheesecake (LoFat)

Chocolate  Cherry Cheesecake

Creamy  Chilled Cheesecake

Lemon  Cheesecake (LoFat)

No  Bake Chocolate Cheesecake

Chocoberry  Cheesecake (LoFat)

Blackberry  Cheesecake

Bailey's Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

Italian Cheesecake with Marsala-soaked  Cherries

"Ribbon  of Cherry" Cheesecake

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