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Easter Bunny Biscuits! The little kids and big kids alike will love 'em! Prepare the recipe for the biscuit dough and then follow my chart below to put them together. [Don't forget to dab your face with flour so they'll know how hard you worked on them ;-) ] You will need 3 sizes of round cookie cutters. One about 3" diameter, one about 1-1/2" diameter and one about 1" diameter. Don't have them? A coffee mug, a juice glass and the top of a jar (or bottle - as long as it's around 1") would do very nicely in a pinch!

You will need one large round for each cookie

You will need two medium rounds for each cookie

You will need 1 small round, rolled into a ball, for each  cookie.

From your 2nd medium round you make the two ears like  this..

   ....and like this.... (Flatten them down a bit)

And  put together.... Easter Bunny Biscuits!!

 Easter Bunny Biscuit Dough

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