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Summer Sizzle
Bernie's Veal

For the next few months we will be discussing VEAL. The cuts of veal are shown below, along with their corresponding retail cuts.







Cuts 1 & 2: Hind shank, Heel of Round etc.

    With the exception of the heel of round, all of the hind shank cuts  make excellent roasts or scalloppines.The heel is usually full of tendons so it is best  deboned and used for veal stew.

Cut 3: Scallopini, noisettes etc.

    The possibiliites of scalloppini and cutlets are endless.  The two are very similar although cutlets tend to be sliced somewhat thicker and are not  pounded, thereby requiring a bit more cooking time. Scalloppinis, lightly floured and  sauteed, can be served with your favorite light sauce, or just drizzled with lemon juice.  Noisettes are the pieces of meat cut from the chop, usually tied with string to hold their  shape and occasionally circled with bacon to enhance flavor during cooking. They can be  used as a substitute for tournadoes of beef.


Cuts 4 & 5: Chops & Roasts


Cut 6 - Breast, Riblets, Stew Meat

    A stuffed breast of veal is easy to prepare and can be made  ahead of time. You can either use the whole breast, bone in, or have it deboned and use  just the brisket part. If you want to do the boning yourself, make the brisket a bit  smaller and leave the riblets with meat on them for grilling. Or else you can make the  riblets a bit bigger and use the balance of the breast for stew.


Cuts 7, 8, 9, 10 - Shoulder, Shank and "Vealburgers"

    The shank roasts can be prepared the same way as the  "hind" leg roasts. The veal shoulder makes excellent stewing meat as well as  wonderful rolls or "rouladen" as we see in the recipe below. Ground veal is  perfect for hamburgers, meatballs, meatloaf and the like, as it is lighter than beef.


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