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Summer Sizzle
Bernie's BBQ

Outdoor barbecuing... we long for it in the winter time. When the weather warms up there we are burning our burgers and searing our steaks, giving new meaning to the words "char-broiled". Believe it or not, the BBQ can be used to cook many other foods besides burgers, hotdogs and t-bones.

Barbecuing chicken etc. We'll even give you a fish recipe, as there doesn't seem to be anyone talking about fish here...yet...! A word on marinating. The lighter the meat the less time for marinating. It's that easy. Check out the marinating times if you need a quick reminder. Don't forget - unless you are planning on making ceviche, most shellfish will "cook" in a marinade after a certain amount of time!

A word or two on steak-

    While your basic rib, t-bone and New York sirloin are  always offered for BBQ, why not try some of the less expensive cuts as well. Take a nice  blade steak, marinate it in one of last months beef marinades and BBQ just as you would a  rib (check your timing though)... delicious!

Kufteh Kebab - a variation on your basic hamburger, easy to make and easy to grill

Mixed Sausage Grill - How about trying sausages instead of wieners for a change?

Beef Steak with Mushrooms - A less expensive London broil does the trick here!

A word or two on chicken-

    I find chicken thighs the most uncooperative meat to grill  on the BBQ. They take a longer time than most other things and, because it's chicken, they  must be grilled until totally cooked through. A Bernie tip for thighs: try to remove the 2  bones in the thigh prior to marinating and grilling. (Or buy them deboned but who needs to  spend the big bucks when you can do it so easily) Once the bones are removed, flatten them  a bit with a mallet or the side of your knife. Marinate as usual and grill. They will cook  more evenly and in less time!

Grilled Chicken Burgers
BBQ'd Ribs
Marinated Grilled Turkey Breast
Grilled Veal Chops
Marinated Fish Steaks
Skewered Shrimp

and our spectacular, special occasion:

Grilled Rack of Lamb 

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